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I'm a freehand artist, gamer, tinkerer, thinker, problem solver, jokester, and easy to get along with despite my appearance.

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I'm a self-taught artist and have been drawing freehand since I was two years old. I've always had an interest  in monster, science fiction and horror movies as well as video games and heavy metal. I guess you could say these were my major influences and inspiration for some of my pieces. I'm not a creepy person,  (or at least I'm told), but I am drawn to weird and out of the oridinary things. I find them much more interesting than the every day things that have become commonplace. Many of my ideas randomly pop into my head and need to go on paper. These are my favorite pieces since they have no real outside influences. Just like video games, drawing takes me away from the real world.  It's my own in which I have full control.     

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Gradually I've been working on a retro gaming area down in my creepy old cellar. I do like newer hi-tech games, but still play many of the retro games. With many newer games they can be beaten or have real endings, but many retro games do not, they just get more difficult. That is one of the many reasons I still play them. I may keep the highest scores on a white board to keep track of my scores as well as my friends. I'll probably post them here on this site too. While we may not be world record holders, we can still try to achieve high scores amongst ourselves.

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I Draw Whatever Pops Into My Mind

I Will Always Be A Gamer