First chest - NH
GPS coordinates are.....
N 43.72509,W 071.12517


Second chest
- MA
GPS coordinates are.....
N 42.48543,W 071.02783 (I got it as close as I could)


Third chest - ME
GPS coordinates are.....
N 43.068229,W 070.691141  (right around this spot)

GPS Coordinates

Here are the locations of the boxes/treasure chests. Some of these areas may make for a nice day trip. Please let me know if you come across one of these boxes/treasure chests.

MF Treasure Hunt

- Find them if you can -

I have recently been hiding little treasure chests while on my trips in New England. Within these chests are random items that may be useful, odd, some of my artwork, and other goodies. I will place the GPS locations for those who want to find these goodies on my sites. If you do happen to find one of these treasures please leave a nice message in the freezer bag it came in stating that you have found the box already, then put it back in place where it came from. You can keep the box and contents within it. Also please notify me by sending a message via Facebook or Twitter @MisterFitShace and send a snapshot of yourself with the box and one of the items from within it. I'll post it on my sites, give you credit and hopefully some fame.

Happy hunting! -MF-